Monday, 21 November 2011

UK festivals could power 10,000 homes

New research conducted this summer by creative industry greening experts Julie’s Bicycle, the University of Sussex and the Power Providers Forum (an informal network of power suppliers and festival promoters, JB, AGreenerFestival and the Association of Independent Festivals) shows that the energy used at UK festivals could power 10,000 homes for a year – with large inefficiencies found with diesel generators. The research findings show that UK music festivals consume about 12 million litres of diesel per year, generating an estimated 48,000MWh of electricity and 31,600t CO2e emissions. One of the green solutions for this, waste vegetable oil (WVO) biodiesel is currently meeting just 3-6% of this festival power supply demand, and on-site renewable energy – solar powered battery, temporary wind or pedal power – is meeting just 0.026%. with the current capacity of renewables meeting 0.1% (91kW) of demand. Julies Bicycle have made a number of recommendations to the sector including festivals understanding and reducing their energy demand, including better planning and rationalising of generators, and using more energy efficient kit for PA and lighting; Tour bus operations significantly reducing energy demand; Increasing the supply of WVO biodiesel through better information; and Energy suppliers providing better information about the power and entertainment output provided by diesel, biodiesel and renewable installations to increase confidence and promote forward planning.

Julie’s Bicycle has also developed the Green Suppliers Database, a platform for suppliers to share information and increase awareness of their business available at:

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