Friday, 18 January 2013

MMF and FAC call for more action on term extension

The Music Managers Forum (MMF)  and the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) have called for an artist-centric approach to copyright term extension when it's implementation is considered in the United Kingdom. The two trade bodies, representing managers and artists respectively, said that while labels will benefit hugely from the upcoming extension of the sound recording copyright term from 50 to 70 years, and session musicians will receive tangible benefits too, the longer copyright term offers a "mixed bag" to featured artists, many of whom are in long term contractual relationships paying poor royalties - and are sometimes unrecouped despite significant sales. The  MMF and FAC had hoped that when the UK Intellectual Property Office considered requirements in the European Directive for some artist-centric rules to be included as part of term extension, they might propose giving artists the right to renegotiate record contracts at 50 years. That is not part of the IPO's current consultation on term extension, though a 'use it or lose it' clause and 'clean slate' provision are, both of which MMF/FAC welcomed. Though they also called for a standard minimum artist royalty to be introduced at the 50 year point.

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