Monday, 10 March 2014

The ILMC Awards 2014 - The Arthurs are handed out

The International Live Music Awards - the Arthurs -  have been handed out  at the ILMC Gala Dinner, hosted by Ben Challis and Emma Banks - and with a guest appearance by David Hasslehoff (yes - the Hoff - of all people) at the London Savoy Hotel Ballroom - and a marvellous group of circus performers  who reflected the circus themed ILMC 26. A great night and some worthy winners, who are (drum roll!) ............

First Venue to Come into Your Head: The O2 London

Services Above & Beyond: Beat The Street

Most Professional Professional: Tina Richards (T&S Immigration Services)

Liggers’ Favourite Festival: The Glastonbury Festival

The Golden Ticket: Ticketmaster

The People's Assistant: Claire Utting (The Agency Group)

Tomorrow’s New Boss: Roel Coppen (Friendly Fire)

Second Least Offensive Agent: Rob Chalice (Coda Agency)

Promoters’ Promoter:  Herman Schueremans (Live Nation/Rock Werchter)

The ILMC 'Bottle' Award: Barry Dickens (ITB)

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