Tuesday, 15 July 2014

More Euro transport rules mean more touring costs.

France, Germany and Belgium have introduced new rest rules and charges for commercial drivers which the PSA fears will add more costs and expenses to touring bands. In addition to reports on the BBC web site that Germany is set to charge foreign motorists for autobahn driving, recent bulletins from the Freight Transport Association have highlighted French and Belgian authorities imposing changes to rules regarding truck drivers’ rest periods, with both countries outlawing the practice of taking certain obligatory rest periods in the cab - adding to accommodation costs and presenting drivers with difficulties in finding suitable places to stop with many trucks and lorries too large for hotel car parks. In Germany drivers need to ensure their vehicles are issued with badges, costing between 10 euros for 10 days and about 100 euros for a year-long permit. German ministers have insisted that the new law will not violate EU rules against discrimination.


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