Monday, 5 January 2015

Amsterdam's Trouw shuts its doors for the last time

Amsterdam's Trouw club closed its doors for the last time on January 3rd 2015. Founder Olaf Boswijk said that organisers always knew that the day would come saying “When you work on a temporary basis there’s no other way but stopping on a climax” adding “It’s gone from something quite basic to us all creating things that we really believe in, fulfilling our dreams in any way we see possible. We’ve always done so with the end date in mind, so it gets more intense as you progress; more energy and emotion. It’s a beautiful thing.” DJ Seth Troxler told MixMag “Trouw has always been home to me. There are very few clubs in the world that have such incredible care and love for the creation they’ve made: the music, the food, the total experience. It will go down in the history of our times as one of the most notable spaces, like a modern-day Paradise Garage. I’m honoured to have played there since I first started DJing in Europe, and I’m happy to have played a part in its history. I’m going there for the final three nights. Not to play, but to go raving. I just want to be there and be part of it.

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