Monday, 18 January 2016

Live Nation upgrades US concert security

Live Nation has announced that it has upgraded security at the all US concerts and events in the wake of the Bataclan terrorist attacks in Paris in November.

More than a dozen arenas have announced new security measures made at Live Nation's request which will include screening fans with metal detectors and limiting what type of bags fans can be brought into concerts and events: The specific requirements for all non NHL/NBA venues are as follows 

- Bags no larger than 13.62-inch by 15.25-inch are permitted and all backs should be clear or see-through

- Everyone must pass through a walk-through metal detector.

- Installation of camera systems with a command centre monitoring capability.

- Cultural training for staff with an emphasis on appropriate handling of ethnic & religious sensitivities.

- Pre-event inspections by bomb detection K9 units.

Most sports team home venues had already adopted these measures.

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