Sunday, 6 March 2016

International Live Music Awards - The Arthurs - The Winners!

IQ Editor Gordon Masson, Emma Banks & Ben Challis
Amber McKenzie
With Emma Banks again on top form as master of ceremonies, emerging triumphant from the Lancaster Balltoom At the Savoy Hotel on Saturday Night with Arthur Awards grasped in hand were: 

The O2 Arena (Best Venue or First Venue to Come into Your Head)

Beat the Street (Best Production Services - Services Above and Beyond)

Ben Challis (Professional Services Award - Most Professional Professional)

Rock Am Ring (Best Festival - Liggers’ Favourite Festival)

Ticketmaster (Best Ticketing Company - The Golden Ticket)

ITB’s Amber McKenzie (Best Assistant - The People’s Assistant

Joanna Young from Live Nation UK (New Leader Award - Tomorrow’s New Boss)

Steve Strange from X-ray Touring (Best Agent - Second Least Offensive Agent)

Kilimanjaro Live’s Steve Tilley (Best Promoter - Promoter’s Promoter)

Jules Frutos from Le Bataclan in Paris (Outstanding contribution - The ILMC Bottle Award).

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