Wednesday, 14 September 2016

UK Top of the Pops?

The 'Measuring Music’ report from cross-sector trade group UK Music says that that the UK music industry contributed £4.1 billion to the UK’s economy last year, using the ‘gross value added’ metric. This is slightly up on 2014, though is 11% higher than the first time UK Music calculated a GVA for the sector in 2012. The sector employs 119,000 people in the UK  and says 50% of the worlds's top selling artistes are British.

UK Music CEO Jo Dipple said: “The UK needs to solidify its new post-Brexit place in the world and music will undoubtedly be part of the glue that does this. Our export profile is astounding which is partly why music, like sport, gives the world an understanding of our small country. UK Music’s goal is to work with government to convince them to give us policies as good as the music we produce”.

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