Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ghost Ship blaze leaves 36 dead in Oakland

The Ghost Ship before the blaze
(from the Ghost Ship website) 
A devastating warehouse fire which killed at least 36 people in Oakland, California, has painful echoes with the 2003 'Great White' disaster in Rhode Island where 100 people died and the more recent Colectiv nightclub fire in Bucharest - and is California's deadliest structure fire in California since the 1906 earthquake and fire that killed hundreds in San Francisco.

The warehouse was the home and work space for the Satya Yuga artists’ collective, and known as the Ghost Ship, and was on the evening of the fire hosting an unlicensed concert promoted by house label 100% Silk. Among the victims of the fire were three artists scheduled to perform: Cherushii (Chelsea Faith), Obsidian Blade (Joey Casio) and DJ Nackt (Johnny Igaz). Among the 36 people who died were two UC Berkeley undergraduates, two alumni and one woman who volunteered at KALX, the campus radio station.

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