Friday, 25 March 2011

Osbourne to look at UK's CD and DVD VAT loophole

The UK Chancellor, George, Osborne has said that the UK government plans to take limited action over the Channel Islands VAT exemption that allows offshore mail-order websites to undercut mainland competitors by 20% on sales of less than £18 (E20). The Channel Islands are in the European customs zone but outside the EU, and UK retailers incuding Tesco, Sainsburys, Amazon, and HMV sell products like CDs and DVDs by mail-order without having to pay a sales tax. Osbourne has pledged to reduce the threshold for the tax relief from £18 to £15 (which will have little effect on the hammering indepdent musc retailers currently suffer!) and Osborne also said he would "explore options" with the European Commission for limiting the scope of the relief, saying that if that if these measures are not effective that the issue will be revisited in a year's time. See

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