Friday, 20 May 2011

Ilosaarirock go greener!

Finland’s Ilosaarirock rock festival has announced a new environmental drive and is panning to establish a new “Pop Forest” in co-operation with UNESCOs MaB programme – along with plans by Ilosaarirock to help in the conservation of the endangered Great Crested Newt in North Karelia. The new memorial tree park will be close to the well known Koli National Park and all of the trees in the forest will have a special envioronmental or cultural significance. losaarirock's Katri Kilpia also said that they will be investing E6000 in efforts to conserve the Great Crested Newt whose habitat has been badly affected by climate change. The sum represents offsets calculated on the Festival's carbon footprint, doubled up by a local sponsor. The Fetsival wil also introduce new recycing and greenhoise gas emission targets at this year's event.

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