Monday, 16 May 2011

UK Music highlights the value of events to the UK’s economy

A new report from UK Music and Bournemouth University shows just how much music tourism generates for the wider UK economy. Destination: Music – the contribution that live music makes to the tourism economy highlights the fact that live music in the UK attracts at least 7.7 million attendances by music tourists and that they spent £1.4 billion during the course of their trips - contributing £864 million to the national economy and sustaining the equivalent of 19,700 full time jobs. The data shows that domestic tourists make up 95% of all music tourists, while overseas tourists make up 5% - but overseas tourists contribute 18% of total spending and overseas music tourists spend a quarter more in the UK than the average overseas tourist.

The research analysed the data of more than 2.5 million ticket transactions at larger events (5000+) to calculate the proportion of people who attend live music events whom were classified as a music tourist. This data was then cross-referenced against the substantial body of work already conducted on live music and tourism.

The full report can be downloaded here:

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