Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Music stars in Facebook poll

The list of the most popular Facebook pages has been updated and the top page remains Facebook’s own, becoming the first to attain 50 million “likes” ( 54.03 million) with Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker in second place with 51.15 million likes and YouTube in at No 4 (46.06M). Music dominates the rest of the top 25 with a host of music stars including Eminem at No 3 with 47.88 million likes, Rihanna at No 5 (45.91M), Lady Gaga at no. 6 (44.29 M). Michael Jackson at 7 (41.56M), Shakira at 8 (41.06M), TV series Family Guy at 9 (38.54M), Justin Bieber at 10 (36.69M), Harry Potter at 11 (35.67M), Katy Perry at 12 (35.63M) and Linkin Park at 13 (35.39M). Apart from Jackson, a second deceased entertainer makes the list with Bob Marley further down at 19 with 31.74 million.

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