Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dotcom rush - .tickets and .music in play

Five groups have applied to control the .tickets domain and eight, including Amazon and Google, have applied to ICANN for the .music domain. Similarly to Steve Machin's dot ticket group,  one organisation bidding for .music is called .MUSIC and has industry support from a number of independent digital music firms and says that it would ensure .music domains were distributed in a fair and transparent way. The group's founder Constantine Roussos told CMU Daily: ".MUSIC's priority is to make the .music domain widely available to the global music community while balancing the needs for inclusiveness and security. We're committed to running a neutral, transparent community-based [top level domain] that serves all music stakeholders, prevents abuses and gives music entities a validated industry standard that internet users can trust. The .MUSIC [top level domain] will provide a safe haven for legal music consumption and ensure monies flow to the music community - not to pirates or unlicensed websites".

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