Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New application for .tickets internet domain aims to safeguard fans

The Dot Tickets organisation is spearheading an ambitious attempt to clamp down on the global multi-billion dollar ticket fraud problem by lodging an application with internet domain registry organisation ICANN to create a new tickets domain .TICKETS which would only be available to sites which meet high standards of consumer protection and security. The idea came about at ILMC 24 in March when technology panel co-chairman Steve Machin realised that an auction of internet domain names could provide the legitimate ticketing industry with a readymade answer to combat online fraud and provide secure and fair sites for fans.

As a result, when ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbersannounces the names of the expected 2,000 applicants for new domain words today it will include the .tickets application from Machin’s The Dot Tickets Organisation. The concept would allow legitimate ticketing companies to exclusively use a .tickets website, rather than the numerous .com sites that fraudsters can easily dupe people into using. The idea already has the backing of the Music Managers’ Forum whose CEO Jon Webster, comments, “Stamping out fraud in the ticketing industry is a significant challenge for the live entertainment industry and one that the MMF feels strongly about as it has a direct impact on our clients’ customers – the fans of live music. We believe that The Dot Tickets Organisation application and proposal will create a safe, secure and trusted environment online, making it easier for fans to spot scams online and to visit only trusted websites for ticket sales and information.”

Machin adds that is likely other organisations might apply for the .tickets domain name and he is seeking the support of ILMC members to back up the industry’s application ahead of ICANN’s ruling which is expected in January 2013. Anyone wishing to support the .tickets application should contact Machin via or for further information visit or

UPDATE (14th June)

5 groups have applied for .tickets - and 8 have applied for .music including Amazon and Google. 

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