Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gaga takes on insurers over cancelled Jakarta show

Lady Gaga  is taking legal action against insurers at Lloyds Of London who are refusing to pay out over a cancelled concert that was due to take place in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta last summer – the event was cancelled because of statements made by the Islamic Defenders' Front, a  Muslim extremist group – and fears of violence. Indonesian police had also reportedly expressed concerns about the safety of both Gaga and her fans if protests got out of control. After the gig was cancelled, Gaga's promoters tried to recoup the losses caused by the axed show from their insurers, using clauses in their policy that allowed for compensation if cancellation was caused by "terrorism and/or sabotage or threat thereof". But the insurers have said that the Islamic Defenders' Front's statements were not sufficient to exercise that clause. The singer's management and promoters have now filed for litigation in the Californian courts.

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