Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Police close down suspected counterfeit clothing operation

Where's me shirt?
The City of London Police Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) have arrested three people on suspicion of creating counterfeit clothing bearing the trademarked names of famous musicians including Justin Bieber, One Direction, Nirvana and Motorhead. The City Of London Police's IP crime team received information from a private investigation company, Surelock, and made a series of test purchases to verify claims. Detective Sergeant Kevin Kirton, said this: "Today's operation has shown once again that PIPCU will come down hard on anyone we suspect of being involved in the production and distribution of digital or hard counterfeit goods. It is vitally important for businesses that they can trade in the UK in a market place that is a fair and level playing field for all. Anyone who we believe is seeking to compromise this market place and make criminal capital out of other people's hard work runs the risk of receiving an early morning visit from PIPCU". PIPCU have indicated that operation had made £100,000 in profits. 

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