Monday, 23 March 2015

More Artist and Manager Awards announced

Ahead of this years Artist And Manager Awards Placebo and agent Paul Fenn have both been added to the winners list.  The awards are a collaboration between the UK’s Music Managers Forum and the Featured Artists Coalition. Placebo will take the Artist's Artist Award and FAC Co-Chair Sandie Shaw said: "Placebo represent all that is great about artists today - twenty years of creativity, control of their own destiny, willingness to take risks, all of which has garnered a worldwide sustained career. They are a role model for young artists and an inspiration to us all". Asgard owner and veteran booking agent Paul Fenn will be presented with the Industry Champion Award in recognition of his long career in the live sector, and his work with both the Agents Association, UK Music and the Concert Promoters Association. MMF boss Jon Webster said: "Paul Fenn's experience has benefited hundreds of artists and managers by making sure legislation about live issues passed by Government has been fit for purpose".

The awards, sponsored by DICE, will also recognise Ed Sheeran and his manager Stuart Camp (Artist and Manager Achievement Award), Jackie Davidson (Writer/Producer Manager award), Jim Beach (Peter Grant Award), Henry Village (Entrepreneur award) and Imogen Heap (Pioneer award). 

The Artist And Manager Awards

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