Thursday, 1 October 2015

T in the Park's subsidy challenged

Scotland's Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop is to appear before a committee of the Scottish Parliamentto justify a government grant of £150,000 given to music festival T In The Park. The funding was provided as the popular music event moved to a new home at Strathallan Castle. Opposition politicians have said that "serious questions" remain about the funding T received, with Labour MSP John Pentland telling the BBC: "We need some honesty from the SNP government about this £150,000 payment and the extent of the involvement of a former SNP adviser. At a time when the SNP government is slashing the budget for local services, people will find it difficult to understand how such a successful company needs an extra £150,000 from the taxpayer". A spokesperson for Hyslop says that the funding was justified, and in line with grants given to other major events in Scotland.

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