Wednesday, 31 August 2016

German police target concert thieves

Slipnot - not the thieves!
Police in Germany have broken up a crime ring they believe was responsible for a spate of thefts at concerts and music festivals across Europe this summer. State police in Saxony investigated following the “audacious” theft of 25 wallets and almost 100 mobile phones at a Slipknot show at the Leipziger Messe in Leipzig in late January, and the search of a suspect's home in the Schönefeld neighbourhood revealled a backpack containing around 60 stolen phones. The police have now discovered a “large network of thieves” who weer active at concerts in Zwickau, Bielefeld, Lingen and Munich and found it was also operating beyond Saxony, and even outside Germany. Other crimes attributed to the gang include thefts at Wacken Open Air, Dour Festival, Tomorrowland and Lokerse Festival in Belgium, Street Parade in Zurich and Limp Bizkit shows in Dusseldorf, Tilburg in the Netherlands and Colmar in France. The Police say that gang members also planned to target FKP Scorpio’s Highfield Festival in Leipzig, but were recognised by detectives and apprehended on their way to the event.

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