Monday, 10 June 2013

Are micropayments the future for digital music?

The boss of digital music company, Psonar, has heralded a payment system based on micropayments as the futire of streaming for many customers. Psonar has been trialling a pay-as-you-go system, where users pay a tiny sum every time they stream a track. Martin Rigby, told CMU: "The vast majority (something like 93%) of the world's population have no access to debit or credit cards so micropayments via mobile are the obvious way to pay for many digital goods and services (and even some physical ones) online. This also applies to a sizeable minority of consumers in the developed world. In the way that pre-pay revolutionised access to mobile, micropayments can revolutionise access to online products and services" adding that 
subscription streaming was a great product - but only for relatively wealthy music fans who want to listen to 60 hours music or more on a subscription service - and at £120/$120 per year, unaffordable for the majority of people worldwide, both in the developed and developing worlds. 

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