Friday, 7 June 2013

Isle of Wight looks beyond rain

The Isle of Wight Festival has stepped up its weather defences in light of the floods that caused major problems in 2012, turning car parks into quagmire and leading to log-jammed local roads. Organiser John Giddings told the NME "I've expanded the car parks and created some proper roads into the entrances and exits so I can never have a repeat of what happened last year, where it was so wet the car park entrances collapsed" adding that in 2012  "We had a month's worth of rain in 12 hours. People told me it was freak weather, but we have to prepare ourselves [nevertheless]." The Isle of Wight Festival takes place at Seaclose Park from June 14 to 16 headlined by The Stone Roses, Killers and Bon Jovi.

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