Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Sydney laws threaten night time decline

New licensing laws in Sydney, Australia, have prompted both night club owners and performers to say that that the new regulations will hurt their businesses more than it will prevent alcohol-related lawlessness.  The legislation was announced in January largely as the result of a high profile incident where two young men were assaulted and killed during a late night incident by an intoxicated assailant.  The new legislation requires many venues to close their doors at 01.30 and to stop serving alcohol at 03.00 Small bars-defined as unable to hold more than 60 patrons-are not subject to the new laws. Late night rock and EDM clubs are thought to be particularly hard hit, but the legislation affects more than 1,000 establishments in Sydney's entertainment precinct. The Music Times reports that organizations such as Save Our Nightlife and Keep Sydney Open are opposing the laws, pointing to studies that indicate alcohol-based violence is actually in decline

Photo: Hpeterswald

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