Thursday, 30 October 2014

DJ reporting tool launched

PRS for Music are progressing talks with Pioneer to enable the collection society to receive the reporting of music played in clubs captured by their KUVO system. The new technology will capture club play data and potentially enhance the accuracy in the distribution of royalties for music played in clubs. KUVO is a mobile app that provides clubbers with details of the music played by DJs using Pioneer CD players (CDJs) in clubs where the KUVO hardware is installed. PRS say they have progressed talks with Pioneer with a view to evaluating and ultimately utilising the KUVO data to improve the accuracy of PRS distributions. Pioneer launched KUVO at Amsterdam Dance Event on 15 October 2014. PRS also say that a number of monitoring solutions to help improve reporting for DJ performances in clubs and at festivals are also being considered as part of the Amplify project.

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