Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tragic deaths at ADE

It has been confirmed that four people have died at the annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) over the weekend. Police announced a 41-year old woman died on her way to hospital after taking a ecstasy pill at an event that was part of ADE. In addition, a 21-year old Dutch man and a 33-year old Serbian man both passed away early on Sunday morning after attending events. Police have indicated that they believe  all three deaths are linked to a deadly batch of ecstasy and although this has not been confirmed, Police warned the public to dispose of the drug.

Richard Zijlma, ADE Director, said:

“The ADE organization is shocked by these tragic accidents. We are in close contact with all of the venues, municipalities and emergency services that are part of the ADE Festival and every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of the audience at all participating venues. Each venue is responsible for its own security and door policy and a comprehensive inspection is also completed at every venue entrance.

Drug use is not tolerated in any way and ADE and its partners make every effort to ensure that people are behaving responsibly at the event. Ultimately there is a limit to what we can do and individuals must take responsibility for their own actions. Our thoughts are with the families and friends at this time and we would like to express our deepest sympathy to them.”

A fourth death at ADE was also confirmed. Music executive Felix Hines, Head of Publishing at Phoenix Music International, passed away Saturday night.

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