Thursday, 30 October 2014

Morrissey gets venue meat free (again)

The Times reports that having slagged off Italian venues as 'abysmal', the 'moany Mancunian minstrel'  Morrissey arrived at a show in Utrecht on Tuesday (Octiber 28th) and demanded that meat and fish be banned throughout the five venue cultural complex in Holland. In 2011 Morrissey's tour rider contained provisions demanding festivals and venues went meat free and one, Lokerse Feesten in Belgium, went meat free fr one of their ten days whe Morrissey appeared with organisers saying "one meatless day" out of 10 was "a healthy break for all". In 2009, the singer left the stage at California's Coachella festival saying he could "smell burning flesh". According to Coachella festival-goers, the singer then added: "And I hope to God it's human."

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