Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spotify adds new features

Streaming service  Spotify has announced new moves into video and original content, hoping to expand its reach beyond music. Spotify said it was updating its platform to support videos and would offer news and other non-music content provided by major media companies. The eight-year-old Swedish company's founder and chief executive Daniel Ek said that Spotify was responding to the all-encompassing importance of smartphones in modern life calling this "the biggest chance since the inception of sound recording,"  Spotify said it would also work to personalize streaming, including a mobile phone based feature that would select music to match the pace of running. Ek said that the updated platform would be available immediately in the United States, Britain, Germany and Sweden, and would be rolled out to other countries in the coming weeks.

With Apple soon to join the streaming market along with the newly revitalised and Jay Z led Tidal, The Verge opined "Adding video and fitness could save Spotify from the terrible economics of streaming music".

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