Friday, 8 May 2015

Una launches new ticketing pass

A new start up in the ticketing space called Una Tickets , which aims to put tickets to concerts and other events onto a special card that music fans could use at multiple events, has announced a funding round of £1.1 million from private angel investors, in addition to £250,000 awarded by the government's Innovate UK funding. The new system tackles various issues in the ticketing space, including ticket fraud and touting. Stating that "what the Oyster Card did for transport, the Una Pass is about to do for ticketing", the firm says its new system can "abolish prolific ticket crime, unethical touting and extortionate admin fees by completely reinventing the ticket". While for the live industry, Una offers "ticketing, access control, cashless payments and real-time onsite analytics" and the Una Pass model also hopes to put an end to unpopular booking fees in the live space. 2,000 early adapters will get a free pass.

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