Friday, 2 March 2012

Chugg calls for new ticketing laws

Australian promoter Michael Chugg has called from new 'anti-scalping' laws after tickets for Radiohead's latest tour sold out in minutes and fans fumed over tickets at inflated prices posted on eBay. As fans took to social media to vent their frustrations, prompting Chugg Entertainment to release a statement advising against buying from unauthorised sources. Chugg says action needs to be taken on a national level, including co-operation between promoters, federal and state government and websites, to curb the ongoing issue of ticket on-selling saying "The federal government should be bringing in a blanket policy but the state governments also need to act," Chugg told AAP. But Live Performance Australia, which sets policy for the music industry, continues to oppose any moves to make scalping illegal with Suzanne Daley, Director of Policy and Programs for LPA saying "Scalping is a very difficult practice to monitor and stamp out" adding "We believe resources would be better focused on educating consumers around the risks rather than trying to prevent it via legal means." Scalping comes under commercial law which is decided at a state level. The practice is illegal only in Queensland and only after a scalper makes a profit of 20 per cent over face value.

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