Wednesday, 7 March 2012

PJ Proby accused of £47,000 benefits fraud PJ Proby accused of £47,000 benefits fraud

1960s chart star PJ Proby is facing benefits fraud charges over claims he received UK state benefits from 2002 - 2008 after claiming he only had '£5' in his bank account, despite having savings, and touring with the Searchers and receiving record and songwriting royalties. Proby, real name James Smith, 73, denies the charges.

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  1. P J Proby's greatest asset is his voice which seems to go from strength to strength. His difficult personality means that he doesn't get as many bookings as he could. He states that EMI owes him royalties and I believe this - they are known for withholding such monies from artistes. When touring, stars such as Proby have to pay expenses such as a driver, backing group, fuel, food, dry cleaning stage outfits etc. etc. Proby isn't a crook; he doesn't drive fancy cars or live in a mansion - he rents a modest home near Evesham There is rent to pay when he isn't working - does anyone take this into account? I imagine his circum-stances constantly change. It would be unjust to lock up a 73-year old for this.