Wednesday, 21 November 2012

One in six Brits still downloading illegally

One in six UK internet users access music, films, TV shows and ebooks through illegal downloads or streams, a report has revealed.  New research shows that a quarter of all digital music consumed online in the UK is acquired illegally

The study also found that online copyright infringement accounted for a third of film streaming, a fifth of TV shows, video games and an eighth of ebooks accessed during a three-month period analysed by OfcomThe results revealed that 16% of users aged 12 and above accessed content illegally at least once between May and July this year.  Metro quotes Liz Bales, director general of the Industry Trust for IP awareness, saying: "It's also crucial to help them [the public] appreciate the value of film, TV and video and the role copyright plays in safeguarding the future of the entertainment they love." 

A recent report by Virgin Media showed that two in five people admit to illegal downloading

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