Sunday, 30 September 2012

Legals chart for BitTorrent

File-sharing company BitTorrent has said that it had facilitated 124,191,862 legal music downloads in the first six months of 2012 – making up 31% of all of its 405 million downloads . The legal downloads are from artists and labels who want to disseminate their music for free to help “emerging and established creators monetize their content via the BitTorrent ecosystem". Some bands are signed to majors, and some allowed specially tailored packages to go out for free. They even have a chart of the most downloaded freebies:

1.      Death Grips: 34,151,432
2.      Counting Crows: 26,950,427
3.      Billy Van: 18,702,053
4.      Gods Robot: 12,172,672
5.      Way Too Sick: 9,974,321
6.      Paz: 6,485,001
7.      Bray: 5,878,492
8.      Pretty Lights: 5,005,061
9.      DJ Shadow: 4,349,048
10.   Chester French: 523,356

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