Friday, 28 September 2012

Radiohead ticketing row erupts

Radiohead, vocal critics of secondary ticketing, have been caught up in a row with their own fans after it was discovered that rules put in place to stop the re-sale of tickets on the secondary market are actually penalising fans who can't attend a concert - as they cannot sell or even give away the tickets to friends. Anyone else attending with a buyer is also effectively barred from attending. 

Tickets for the bands upcoming Manchester Arena and London O2 Arena can only be collected on the day of the show and the buyer must present the credit or debit card with which the tickets were purchased as well as some form of photo ID - meaning that fans who cannot attend are stumped - as are their guests - especially as the tickets are unrefundable. Ticketmaster said "Terms and conditions relating to the purchase of paperless tickets are clearly outlined to customers at multiple stages during the purchase process, including the initial purchase page, the shipping page and the billing page. Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive" adding "our dedicated customer services team are happy to work with both customers and our clients, be that the venues or promoters, if a customer's circumstances change".

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