Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lighting rig collapse leads to Israeli arrests

Second Lieutenant Hila Betzaleli
Judges in Jerusalem have extended the detention of four people arrested on suspicion of involvement in the collapse of a lighting rig at Mount Herzl in Israel, which killed a woman soldier, 2nd Lt Hila Betzaleli and injured seven others. The rig was being installed for the Independence Day ceremony and the event was to be produced by Itzuv Bama, which was awarded a contract by the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry. The company is considered a leading player in its field and has been involved in organizing major events in Israel and abroad, from official ceremonies to rock concerts. Those arrested are: Alex Sela, the show producer, Oren Warshavsky, who was said to have been the engineer for the rig; Itzik Zucker, the site's safety manager; and Elad Lavi, the vice president for Itzuv Bama. 

Photo: IDF, and more images on the Jerusalem Post website here

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