Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tunesat say music needs fingerprinting

Audio fingerprint technology company TuneSat says that the majority of commercial use of music by the television sector is either unreported or misreported and says that broadcasters should utilise Shazam-type technology to better report music usage to rights owners or their collecting societies.Tune Sat says that up to 80% of music "played commercially" is not fully reported to rights owners and bodies and a spokesman said: "Musicians and songwriters all know that if their music is being played commercially, the reports they are getting back are more than likely wrong. Cue sheets and affidavits are routinely entrusted to interns to fill out - sometimes by hand. One misspelled song title and the artists wave goodbye to their royalties. In fact, over 80% of music played commercially is either unreported or misreported". with TuneSat recommending a digital fingerprinting system which ican detect the use of music on any television programme, even if the music is in the background and has speech on top.

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