Friday, 21 August 2015

New dot tickets URL signs up big names

we've gone dot tickets - you too?
U2, Ticketmaster, Google, Amazon, eBay, Sky, Yahoo, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Apple have all acquired newly available ".tickets" top level domain names. Owned by London-based start-up Accent Media, the .tickets domain names have only been available to pre-registered trademark holders since July 13th, as part of the soft pre-marketing phase. The firm says the domain names enable brands and rights-holders to easily protect and develop their assets, while helping customers feel safer when buying tickets. The domain names will go on general release to the global ticketing industry on September 14 and will deploy a rights protection mechanism powered by Domains Watch which helps rights-holders ensure that their rights are protected and that any new domain registrations end up in the possession of those who hold the legitimate rights to that name.

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