Thursday, 6 August 2015

Swiss promoters call for anti ticket-tout laws

Audience magazine reports that Swiss promoters have called for tougher consumer protection laws in the fight against secondary ticketing and websites such as Viagogo, whose worldwide headquarters is in Geneva. Members of the Swiss Music Promoters Association (SMPA) have called for the Government to help tackle touts and inflated ticket prices on resale sites.SMPA Board member Dany Hassenstien said that existing Swiss consumer protection laws did not go far enough toprotect fas against touting and also called for Europe wide action to identify the best solutions in the battle against touting and secondary ticketing.

And in New Zealand, promoters are becoming increasingly concerned about the growth of fake ticket scams and online touting, some of which is linked to Viagogo. Ian Magan, local organiser for Australian promoter Garry Van Egmond’s AC/DC tour, has already issued two “cease and desist” warnings to Viagogo and is considering legal action.

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