Monday, 20 April 2015

A right to guns at Festivals - only in the US of A

Most festivals do their utmost to ensure their events are peaceful, trouble free and that festival goers respect each other, and don't bring in weapons. Not so Norman, Okla, where a pro-gun group have successfully brought a court claim in the Cleveland County Court, challenging the Norman Music Festival's 'no gun' policy. Judge Thad Balkman issued a temporary restraining order (Friday 17th) against the city of Norman and the Norman Music Alliance, prohibiting enforcement of a gun ban at the upcoming Norman Music Festival. Judge Balkman ruled in favor of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, whose attorney argued that banning licensed gun carriers from carrying guns to the festival was a violation of both state and federal law and an infringement on people’s constitutional rights. “The court gives great weight to constitutional rights issues,” Judge Balkman said. Judge Balkman said he was only ruling on the request for a temporary restraining order. He will hear further arguments at 8 a.m. on Thursday — the day the music festival opens — on whether an injunction should be issued.

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