Friday, 10 April 2015

Australian 'Three Strikes' moves closer

Australia's telecoms sector has submitted the final draft of its plans for a three-strikes system to combat online piracy in the country. The draft was submitted to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, after input from over 370 interesting parties and the planned moves will see ISPs sending warning letters to suspected file-sharers. Australian ISPs have resisted the move, but the country's government forced action late last year. As with other three-strikes programmes, a series of letters will be sent to web-users who rights owners suspect of accessing unlicensed content, the first  being educational, but with subsequent correspondence 'graduating' to more severe. However the third strike will mean that the personal details (of those who ignore letters) being  handed over to the rights owners, who will then be able to take legal action for copyright infringement. Web-users who get to stage three will have the right to appeal, The current set up also puts a cap on the total number of warning letters that can be sent each year, with 200,000 the current limit. Though that's really a financial arrangement, and rights owners could push for more letters to be sent if they can agree financial terms with the ISPs. The ACMA will now consider the draft proposals which need Federal government approval 

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