Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New digital data on teens points to a streaming future

Research firm GlobalWebIndex (GWI) has released more data collected from a global panel of nearly 5,000 16-19 year old teenagers in 32 countries to find out what they’re doing online and how they’re getting their digital entertainment.

Music came top of the chart of “top interests” in the survey, with 70% saying they are strongly interested in music – ahead of films (around 65%), science and technology (60%) and games (55%).

When asked what they’d done online in the last month, 60% said they’d listened to a streaming music service – more than used an instant messaging app (57%) but only 21% of group said they’d bought a music download in the last month, highlighting the shift to a streaming generation. When asked what digital entertainment services they used last month, 30% said Google Play, 21% Netflix, 20% iTunes, 13% SoundCloud and 11% Spotify - BUT (and its a big but) - YouTube was not included in the range of options.
The survey also showed that: 40% of teenagers used music apps in the last month, behind only games (50%) and social networks (42%) - and a surprisingly small percentage (29%) said they had used using chat/messaging apps. They were asked about their top messaging services though: 31% are using Facebook Messenger, 26% WhatsApp, 20% Skype, 14% Snapchat and 7% Line, although GWI pointed out “But it’s Snapchat that is really making headway among teens,” and  “These figures are significantly higher in some key markets: 37% of UK teens are using Snapchat, as are 30% in the US and Canada.”

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