Sunday, 26 April 2015

Future Music festivals cancelled

In Australia, Future Music Festival has been scrapped indefinitely amid cancellations, licensing rows, "drug shame" and plummeting ticket sales. Originally launched in Sydney, Australia in 2006, Future Music toured between Australian cities in subsequent years and expanded to Malaysia last year and Singapore earlier this year. Organisers Mushroom Group, who bought in to the venture in 2013, said in a statement that “the day of the large scale travelling festival in its current form is unfortunately numbered”. The group posted the following statement on Facebook: “We’re very sad to say that we’ve decided 2015 was the last year for Future Music Festival. It’s been a difficult decision to make but in the end travelling the festival in its current form across Australia simply doesn’t make financial sense anymore.”  Chairman Michael Gudinski said “The decision to discontinue Future Music Festival was not made lightly. A point came though where it simply no longer made sense to continue. We believe in the festival industry in Australia and plan to announce an exciting new festival concept in the coming months.” More here.

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